Communications in Malaysia

Communications in Malaysia

Malaysian Communications

Telephones - main lines in use: 4.35 million (2007)

Telephones - mobile cellular: 23.347 million (2007)

Telephone system: general assessment: modern system; international service excellent domestic: good intercity service provided on Peninsular Malaysia mainly by microwave radio relay; adequate intercity microwave radio relay network between Sabah and Sarawak via Brunei; domestic satellite system with 2 earth stations; combined fixed-line and mobile cellular teledensity exceeds 110 per 100 persons international: country code - 60; landing point for several major international submarine cable networks that provide connectivity to Asia, Middle East, and Europe; satellite earth stations - 2 Intelsat (1 Indian Ocean, 1 Pacific Ocean) (2007)

Radio broadcast stations: AM 35, FM 391, shortwave 15 (2001)

Television broadcast stations: 88 (mainland Malaysia 51, Sabah 16, and Sarawak 21) (2006)

Internet country code: .my

Internet Service Providers (ISPs):

Internet users: 15.868 million (2007)

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